Ricoh GR Digital – street photography

I have always wanted to have a Ricoh GR Digital,

but Ricoh is not a well known camera in my country (and perhaps 90% of the countries in the world?),

thus it is not easy for me to get any information about it.


On the recent trip to Singapore, I only brought along with me the Sony RX100,

which I always hated the camera body, felt so unlikely a pro camera in the hand.


I grabbed a Ricoh GR Digital not long after I arrived in Singapore.

This camera surely has a soul when you hold and take a picture.

The battery could last me a whole day of shooting around Singapore, but still I bought a spare battery just in case.

The colour is really great, much better than the Sony RX100.

The overall image quality is far beneath the Sony RX100, but somehow I still prefer the Ricoh GR Digital.

Sometimes, it is not always about image quality, the feeling when we hold the camera and when we shoot matters too.


Here are some of my very first shots using the Ricoh GR Digital II.

The 4th picture was shot with the 21mm wide angle adapter.


Me trying out the Ricoh (trying out the T-Shirt actually)


Portrait of the mannequin


Colourful building


St. Joseph Cathedral Singapore






Donation for orphanage


Dare devils


Green tea



More pictures to come, as I am very eager to shoot again with this tiny camera.

Now I take the Ricoh GR Digital with me in my jeans pocket everywhere I go.


Thank you.


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