Around Central Java – Sony A77, Olympus E-P1 [Part 1] – landscape & street photography

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2013 to you all, friends.

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful holiday this year end.

As for me, I took a trip around the Central of Java for 11 days.

Please enjoy some of the pictures I took during this trip.

More to come soon. Cheers!


DSC09822 ed22 1000px rv

Mount Merapi at night


DSC09390 ed_ B&W 1000px

High in the sky


DSC01622_ HDR 1000px

Trees around


DSC01611_ 1000px

Soaring into the sky


DSC01657 ed_ HDR 1000px

Prambanan in the morning fog


DSC01667 ed2_ 1000px

The reflection catcher


DSC01806_ 1000px



DSC09367 ed_ 1000px

Searching for enlightenment



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