Walk Around with My Beloved Pentax Q – street photography

It was really love at the first sight when I saw the Pentax Q in the internet for the first time.

I knew that I had to get that camera whatever it takes.

You know, when it comes to ‘love’, price is no longer an issue (although at the time, the price was rocket high).

When I knew it was available in Jakarta (Indonesia), I headed straight away to the store.

I really loved this camera! Tiny sensor, amazing pictures.

Just take a look at these pictures below. Most of them are severely cropped.

I took them all last Saturday morning.

I only brought the Pentax Q with 47mm f/1.9 with me.

No other cameras.



IMGP0101 ed2 1000px



IMGP0104 ed 1000px

No Parking


IMGP0111 ed 1000px

Yellow Pussy


IMGP0121 ed 1000px



IMGP0129 ed 1000px

Indonesian traditional herbal drink


IMGP0133 ed crop 900px



IMGP0140 ed2 1000px

Missing Driver


IMGP0156 ed 1000px

Channel Bags Maniac


IMGP0159 ed 1000px

Busy with the Mobile Phone


IMGP0175 ed 1000px



IMGP0180 ed 1000px

A Couple




Thanks for watching.

See you!


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