The First Indonesian Sigma Merrill User – street photography

I am the first Indonesian Sigma Merrill user, I can be sure of that.

I contacted the Sigma Camera in Indonesia, they didn’t have any of the Merrills.

Even the Merrills are hard to find in Singapore and Malaysia, I tried so I know.

I asked a friend of mine, who happenned to be a camera shop owner (and a great guy) in Jakarta, to order the Sigma DP1 Merrill, DP2 Merrill and DP3 Merrill, from B&H in United States. The DP1 Merrill and the DP3 Merrill belongs to my other 2 friends. Now, we become the THREE SIGMAteers! One for all, all for one! LOL!


The Merrills came on Friday afternoon, and I took it out to shoot on last Sunday in Bandung, West Java.

At the end of the day, I came back with 230 shots (14Gb), 2 empty batteries, and a big smile on my face.

The Sigma DP2 Merrill is definitely one of the best things I owned in my life.

I really love this camera!

Very very very recommended to buy, use and keep!

Especially for experienced photographers.

(I don’t think it’s quite suitable for newbies, definitely will be very frustrating).




SDIM0009 cropped 1000px

The very first shots I took with the Sigma DP2 Merrill.


SDIM0024 ed 1000px



SDIM0120 ed 1000px

The Cimahi waterfall.


SDIM0262 ed 1000px



SDIM0067 1000px

Road Accident.


SDIM0056 ed 1000px

Out of wrecks.


SDIM0053 1000px



SDIM0044 ed2 1000px

Awake VS Asleep.


SDIM0035 ed 1000px

Dying Soon.


SDIM0034 1000px

A snapshot of a painting on sale by the roadside of Braga road in Bandung.


SDIM0028 1000px

The Pain-lover.


SDIM0026 ed 1000px

Sunday Morning.



I wish Sigma would make full frame Foveon sensors for the next Merrill cameras.

A mirrorless Foveon sensor would be very nice, too. Definitely will buy one (or two)!

Viva la Sigma! Yahoo!


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