Revived – Leica R on Sony A99

Hi… It’s been quite long since the last post I wrote.

Had been quite busy making some pennies just to survive in this world.

Some days ago, I brought some of my old lenses out with me, shooting with the Sony A99.

But was only been able to convert some of them into Sony Alpha mount. Still short of some adapters.

The Sony A99 combined with the Leica R lenses produces extremely pleasing pictures.

With these lenses, the urge inside me to shoot in the streets was suddenly revived again, to the max.

A day without going out to shoot felt like a year in hell (but obviously I had never been to hell! Haha!).

Let the pictures speak of themselves. Cheers!




The Abandoned Attic


DSC09180 1500px

Simplicity of A Drum


DSC09082 ed 1500px

Multi Tasking ?


DSC00628 ed 1024px

Eyes On Me


DSC08466 ed 2048px FB

An Old Canon


DSC00452 2048px FB





Click the pictures to view larger size.


Thank you.



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