Late Night Market – street photography

We used to have lot of traditional markets around Indonesia, but the government moved most of them to modern buildings.

So, my friends and I had to travel to this city called Bogor, it’s an hour drive from Jakarta.

The market starts everyday from dusk till dawn. It’s called Pasar Bogor, and it’s the biggest market in the city.

You can see an old man with red shirt in the third picture, he’s now in his 80’s and still carrying 70-80kgs on his back. Life’s sometimes just too hard for some, and too easy for the other some.

Well, I only got a few nice shots that night. Please enjoy.



Ghost Festival – street photography

Once a year, the Chinese in Jakarta celebrates the Ghost Festival in Cin Te Yen temple. It is very crowded in the temple. The smoke (from the incense and paper burning) was killing me and my eyes, tears were falling like rain.
At the end of the day, they burnt a giant ghost model and a boat made of paper (and a lot of other paper stuffs, too).

Indonesia Indepence Day – street photography

On August 17th, 2011, we celebrated our 66 national indepence day. The ‘panjat pinang’ festival was held on Festival Beach in Ancol, North of Jakarta. This year, they stood up 100 poles for the participants to compete in climbing up. Last year, Ancol had 300 poles up for the competition. There were 5 poles for women participants, unfortunately, they all failed to climb up to the top.

Ps: the poles were entirely lubricated with grease.