Trip to Beijing – Fujifilm X100 [part 02] – street photography


The last (phone) call


 A mother’s love




 A walk in the park





The world of two




In focus


A short break

This trip to China was actually not a photo hunting trip.

We were in a group of sightseeing tour organised by the Chinese government.

The total of the tour participants was 139 persons, and we were separated into 3 big busses.

Next year, we will be back again, and it will be a photo hunting trip for sure.

HTC ONE X – street photography

During this trip to China, I was requested to testout a smartphone camera.

It’s a HTC ONE X, with 8 Megapixels camera and 28mm f/2.0 (eqv. 35mm) lens.

And, it’s an Android smartphone.

Also, my first time to use an Android, but I loved it!


Heavily cropped (approx. 80%).

ImageThe green monsterous creature (Hulk’s sidekick perhaps???).

ImageA palace inside of the Forbidden City.

ImageA little flooded area due to the rain an hour earlier.

ImageThe ceiling of a pearl showroom somewhere in Beijing.

ImageThe macro mode testout.

ImageEnjoying the afternoon air.

ImageA view from Badaling (Great Wall).


In an alley somewhere in Beijing.

ImageThe Misty (rious) Beijing.

ImageA shot of the hotel’s backyard in Cheng De.

ImageAnother shot of the backyard.

ImageTian Jin main train station.

ImageA man talking on the phone.


Of course, every camera has its advantages and disadvantages.

As a good photographer, you need to know how to make the most out of the camera.

You have to use the advantages of the camera, and overcome the disadvantages. Right?