Stasiun Senen (Senen Train Station) – street photography


Odalan Festival (of the Hindush) – Leica M9 – street photography

On September 11th & 12th, I went to a Hindush temple on the Salak Mount, they were having a massive annual ceremonial which is called the Odalan.

I think most of the Balinese in Jakarta and Bogor came to this temple to attend this ceremony. It was very crowded, but most of the people are very friendly and welcome to photographers and tourists, too.

Overall I could say that I enjoyed being there a lot. I love the Balinese food and enjoyed meeting a lot of new Balinese friends.

Jember Fashion Carnaval – street photography

Hi guys,

On Thursday, September 8th, 2011, I was invited to an event held in the Ancol amusement park of Jakarta city. The event was a fashion carnaval just like those in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, but in a smaller scale.

The total of the carnaval team was 80 persons. They were invited by the Ancol amusement park of Jakarta to perform from August 25th till September 10th. Everyday, they perform 6 times daily, starting from 12.30pm till 20.00pm.

I was very pleased to take their pictures for the whole day (a lot of pretty girls there for sure! LOL). Also, I met great new friends (the crews of the JFC).

My eyes were opened to witness the commitment and the professionalism of the whole team. It is quite seldom for me to meet and see such a solid team (of 80 persons!) In my whole life. Fyi, the total of their talents was more than 300 persons.

The Jember Fashion Carnaval in the city of Jember is held annually, usually on August, because Jember (a city in Indonesia) celebrates it’s birthday on that month. This event has become an international agenda for the last 10 years. Many tourists from all over the world came to see and participate. It is now crowned as one of the 7 best fashion carnaval in the world (according to the information from Dynand Fariz, the director of the JFC).

Many thanks to the crews of the JFC, for the warmth welcome to me, especially to Dynand Fariz and the whole team members.

The last day of the long holiday – street photography

Yesterday, September 04th, 2011, was the last day of the long holiday in Indonesia, due to the Moslem’s new year (Idul Fitri).

I was testing out my newly bought Nikon lens, too. It’s the Nikon E 28mm f/2.8, a non auto focus lens. After using the Leica cameras, I found myself to love manual focussing ever since. Hahaha.

Please enjoy the pictures. Cheers!