A Little Crazy, But The Decision Was Correct! – Sony A200 – street photography

A few weeks ago I bought a Sony A200 camera, which is a camera back from the dinosours age, I think (it was released in 2008. LOL!). I already owned the best Sony cameras, that’s exactly why my friends thought that it was a little crazy of me, when I told them the other day that I bought a Sony A200.

I’m a CCD camera sensors lover, that’s the very true reason why I bought this outdated camera. But, I was truely amazed by the results out of camera, without any retouches done.

Most of the pictures in this post is not retouched/post-processed, they are all out of the camera (OOC), although I had to convert them from RAW files to JPEG format in the Sony Image Data Converter 4 (and, of course, I did some rotate-crop-brightness adjustments).

Most of the pictures were taken using ISO 1600. Sony A200 produces beautiful Black and White images, too! Almost like the way Leica M8 rendered the B&W images (IMHO).

Now, 2 of my friends already asked me to find them the same Sony A200 for them, too, after they saw the pictures that I took. LOL! And, as for myself, I’ll be looking again for another older generation camera, it’s a Sony A100, which is an older camera compared to Sony A200. I’m curious if they differs (in image quality, not the camera features, of course).

Enjoy the pictures, please. GBU all.